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Ophthalmologist near Athlone

Ophthalmologist near Athlone

Have you been searching for a respected and experienced ophthalmologist near Athlone? Is your vision important to you? We use our eyes to interpret just about everything around us. The gift of sight is something many of us take for granted.

Henry David Thoreau once said: “The eye is the jewel of the body.” Our eyes are precious jewels that need to be looked after. Vision care is imperative if you want to prevent eye conditions from occurring. As an ophthalmologist  at the Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital, Dr. Enslin Uys is passionate about giving his patients the best possible vision and eye care.

An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor and eye surgeon specialising in diagnosing and treating eye disorders. Dr. Uys is a medical professional trained to treat disorders of the eyes both medically and surgically. His ultimate goal is to improve your eyesight and your quality of life.

He is a provider of ophthalmic services to Athlone residents with his main interests in eye surgery and surgical disorders of the retina. He is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality outcomes for all his patients. Using only advanced, specialised surgical equipment, Dr. Uys is able to perform corneal transplant surgery, pterygium surgery, and retina surgery.

He uses his ophthalmic skills and expertise to improve and save your sight. With many years of experience and a sound knowledge of neuro ophthalmology, Dr. Uys has become one of the most respected ophthalmologists in the Athlone and Pietermaritzburg area.  He can also treat eye diseases through non-surgical means such as performing eye exams, writing prescriptions for contact lenses or eye glasses, and prescribing medication.

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Eye specialist

Dr. Enslin Uys is an eye specialist providing services related to the eyes or vision to patients from Athlone. He is an ophthalmologist that can help you maintain your eyesight and prevent vision loss. Ophthalmology is a branch of medical science that requires a combination of dedication, knowledge, and specialised acquired skills.

Choosing a qualified eye health care provider can go a long way in treating your eye conditions and ultimately protecting your vision. Getting regular eye exams done by an eye specialist will help them detect any vision problems or eye diseases. You eye specialist servicing Hilton has a full understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the eye.

If you need your eye disorder diagnosed or treated, Dr. Uys will provide you with the highest level of eye care. His advanced training allows him to treat a much wider range of eye conditions compared to an optician or optometrist. If you need an eye specialist near Athlone, contact his practice today.

Eye doctor near Athlone

Your eyes should never be taken for granted. Just because you can see well today, does not mean you will in a few years from now. Some eye diseases do not have any symptoms until they have progressed. An eye doctor is qualified to identify eye issues and address those that need urgent attention.

Do not hesitate to consult your eye doctor if you experience any vision problems or symptoms related to eye diseases. Certain changes in your vision may be signs of a larger health issue. Get an eye exam as soon as possible. Early detection can help prevent vision loss.

Your eye doctor will be able to detect these 5 common health problems during an eye exam:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis
  3. High cholesterol
  4. Certain types of cancer
  5. High blood pressure

Here are a few signs that you should make an appointment with your eye doctor:

  • Painful eyes
  • Eye infection
  • Eye fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Spots, floaters or flashes
  • Double vision
  • Itchy or dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Diabetes
  • Frequent headaches

Eye surgeon

If you are looking for a thorough and efficient eye surgeon and you live in Athlone, Dr Uys is at the Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital. Should you suspect you may have an eye disease, he will be able to spot it early and take the appropriate steps to treat and correct it. He is a specialist trained to perform surgery on the eyes.

Dr. Uys brings with him a high level of expertise and experience in treating surgical needs involving your eyes and your vision. You will need to go to an ophthalmic surgeon if you require specialised surgery to your eyes.

There is no need to struggle with conditions such as cataracts, a pterygium, or retinal detachment when there are professionals out there trained to treat these diseases and disorders. Eye surgery is not much different to any other type of surgery. Dr. Uys will explain the procedure he is going to perform so you know exactly what to expect.

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Dr. Enslin Uys is fully equipped and able to perform the following surgeries for his Athlone patients:

  • Cataract surgery – This involves removing the cloudy lens from your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens.
  • Pterygium surgery – This is a relatively quick procedure done to remove the growth tissue.
  • Retinal detachment surgery – This procedure is performed in theatre and involves repairing the retina from the inside.
  • Squint surgery – Dr Enslin Uys performs uncomplicated squint surgery and had this training with a world-renowned strabismologist.
  • Corneal transplant surgery – Involves removing of part of the cornea so that it can be replaced with a new section taken from a donor.
  • Macular hole surgery – Dr Uys will remove the vitreous gel in the eye followed by peeling the internal limiting membrane.

Don’t let your vision deteriorate and your eye diseases escalate, visit your ophthalmologist once a year for a comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Enslin is here to help you protect your precious sense of sight and help maintain your vision.


Did you know that cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss for people around the world? Dr. Enslin Uys is experienced and fully qualified to perform cataract surgery on his Athlone patients. Cataracts are the clouding of the crystalline lens inside your eye. This blocks light from going through and causes you to have blurry vision.

In most cases cataracts are related to ageing. Other causes can include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or a previous eye surgery or inflammation. Symptoms of cataracts include poor night vision, sensitivity to bright lights, cloudy vision and seeing a glare or halo around lights.

Cataracts do not have to interfere with your daily routine or with your overall lifestyle. Dr. Enslin Uys can help you to treat or surgically remove your cataracts and restore your vision. Should you experience any of the above symptoms, it is advisable to visit your ophthalmologist immediately.

Dr. Uys will perform cataract surgery to remove the cloudy lens in your eye and replace it with an artificial lens. He has performed thousands of these operations, and his complication rate is in line with the best surgeons in the world.


Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that lead optic nerve damage. More commonly known as ‘sneak thief of sight,’ glaucoma can cause irreversible vision loss without any obvious symptoms. Risk factors include a previous eye injury, being very long or short-sighted, if you are over 40, increased eye pressure, or a family history of glaucoma.

If you suspect you may have glaucoma, visit Dr. Uys for an eye examination. He will check your optic nerve for signs of Glaucoma and assess the eye pressure. Regular screenings for people over the age of forty are recommended.

In certain cases of glaucoma, prescription eye drops may just be all you need to treat it. If medication is not sufficient, Dr Enslin Uys may recommend glaucoma surgery. Comprehensive eye exams with an ophthalmologist can help you to detect glaucoma early and successfully treat it.

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Paediatric eye specialist near Athlone

Does your infant or young child need an eye test? Do you live in Athlone and require the services of an eye specialist with the knowledge and experience to advise the best treatment for your baby? Eye care begins at a young age. By the age of 3, your child should have their first comprehensive eye exam.

Thereafter, regular eye checks are extremely important to maintain their eye health. Ensure your child’s eyes are healthy by taking them for regular vision checks that can detect eye diseases early and help them preserve their vision for years to come.

As a paediatric eye specialist servicing patients in PMB, only 20 minutes from Athlone, Dr. Uys is able to perform a number of eye tests on children. A child’s vision can change very often and in some cases, unexpectedly. If their vision problems are left uncorrected, it could lead to permanent vision loss, it could interfere with their learning, impair their development and cause behavioural and attention issues.

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A squint or strabismus is when a person’s eyes, (particularly children and infants) do line up properly. It is more commonly known as crossed eyes and is caused by weak eye muscles or damaged nerves.

Correcting a squint is a procedure performed by an ophthalmologist to correct the squint and improve your eye alignment.

Dr Enslin Uys performs uncomplicated squint surgery and more complicated cases are referred to colleagues. Before the surgery, your child will be given a general anaesthetic so they won’t feel any pain.

Do you require the services of an ophthalmologist near Athlone? Get in touch with Dr. Enslin Uys today. Feel free to book an appointment and take the step toward better eye health today.