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Retinal detachment occurs when the retina is pulled away from the surrounding tissue. This is an ocular emergency and you need to see an eye specialist as soon as possible.

Age-related macular degeneration involves the deterioration of the macula or the area of best vision.

Small incision phaco surgery is a procedure that is performed in order to remove cataracts.

Regular glaucoma screenings are recommended for people over the age of forty, especially if there is a family history of glaucoma

Retinopathy of prematurity

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a condition that can occur in premature babies when abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina.

Corneal transplant surgery

Your cornea is the transparent surface over your eye’s surface, responsible for a large part of the eye’s focusing power.

A pterygium is a pink, fleshy tissue growth onto the conjunctiva, which is the transparent tissue that lines the eye.

Eye disease

Some common symptoms of eye proptosis include difficulty closing and moving eyes, drying of the corneas, and discomfort.

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Pietermaritzburg ophthalmologist

Maintaining the health of your eyes and your vision is a priority no matter what age. While optometrists are able to aid you with prescription glasses and contact lenses, ophthalmologists are eye surgeons who are able to diagnose and treat eye conditions and diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, double vision or cataracts. If you are experiencing loss of vision, changes in vision, have an injury, infection or pain in the eyes it may be best for you to see an eye specialist to protect your precious sense of sight and help you maintain your vision for the rest of your lifetime.

Dr Enslin Uys
Lead Ophthalmologist

About Dr Enslin Uys

Dr Enslin Uys is an Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist or Eye Surgeon) based in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal. He is a passionate eye doctor who always strives to give his patients the best eye and vision care. Dr Enslin Uys is a general ophthalmologist with his main interests in eye surgery and surgical disorders of the retina (retina surgery, retinal detachment, macular hole surgery, epi-retinal membrane removal, diabetic eye disease to mention only a few) as well as small incision refractive cataract surgery. Dr Uys also often sees and treats patients with glaucoma. His results are in line with international standards. Dr Enslin Uys is one of the founding members of the Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital that opened on 1st March 2018. Be sure to contact his practice regarding consultation with Dr Uys or further information on eye conditions and surgery.

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Judy NaidooJudy Naidoo
07:26 06 Jun 24
Very warm atmosphere . Staff friendly and helpful. Dr was very informative and professional. Would recommend this practice.
Khayoes HlatshwayoKhayoes Hlatshwayo
17:19 06 Jan 24
Dr you can trust
joyce plunkettjoyce plunkett
06:30 17 Nov 23
Staff are most helpful and friendly. Could not do enough for me. Dr Uys was the same. Explained everything and very thorough. Highly recommended him. Thank you
zaine MaharaJzaine MaharaJ
11:24 26 Jul 23
Doctor is very kind aswel as the staff. Thank you
Al SchonAl Schon
16:31 14 Apr 23
Simply the best
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13:37 10 Apr 23
Great experience as a first timer. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The entire staff were beyond amazing. I felt at ease – & felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. Dr. Uys combines expertise & a willingness to listen & discuss. He's an excellent surgeon & he really strives to give the best care possible to each of his patients. I would recommend Dr Uys to anyone seeking a kind, compassionate, & a brilliant Ophthalmologist!
Hettie RandallHettie Randall
16:06 07 Apr 23
Cataract removal on both eyes with a combo with vitrectomy in the left. Both surgery admissions were dealt with, with efficient and meticulous staff. Dr Uys is a genius opthal and he and his staff are so compassionate. My comfort was a priority, and I have my sight back! Thank you to everyone involved. Hettie Randall